Microstructural studies using X-ray diffraction
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Multifit/Polydefix is an open-source IDL software package for an efficient processing of diffraction data obtained in deformation apparatuses at synchrotron beamlines. It is a compound of three different packages that can be run independently:

  • Multifit is dedicated to the fitting of two-dimensional (2-D) diffraction data. It will extract d-spacings, intensities, and half-widths for peaks of a given material, for multiple azimuthal slices and over multiple diffraction images.
  • Polydefix is for lattice strains, pressure, stress, and texture analysis. It will start from the output files created in Multifit and extract the information required for establishing the rheological behavior of the sample.
  • PolydefixED is an adaptation of Polydefix for the specific needs of data collected using the array of energy dispersive detectors that was installed on the the X17B2 beamline of the National Synchrotron Light Source, USA.

Since June 2011, it is open source software, licensed under the GPL Version 2.

This page is dedicated to user manuals, details on the source code, development procedures, and publications related to the package can be found at the Multifit/Polydefix homepage.


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