Microstructural studies using X-ray diffraction
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Software list

  • maud stands for Material Analysis Using Diffraction. It is a general diffraction/reflectivity analysis program mainly based on the Rietveld method. Maud is being developped by L. Lutteroti at the University of Trento.
  • fit2d is both a general purpose and specialist 1 and 2 dimensional data analysis program, used on most of the European Synchrotron Research Facility beam-lines and by many other crystallography groups throughout the world.
  • fit2d2maud is a java program written by S. Merkel that can be used to create Maud input files with Fit2d.
  • Multifit is a software package originally written to process data obtained in the D-DIA deformation apparatus efficiently. It allows you to decompose 2D diffraction images into azimuthal slices, fit peak positions and intensities, and propagate the results of your fit to other azimuth and images.
  • Polydefix is used for stress and strain analysis. It will start from the output files created in Multifit and extract microscopic strain information from the diffraction images.
  • Fable is a framework for making Total-Cryst experiments easy and efficient. It been developed for doing grain mapping experiments in materials science at a synchrotron. It lies at the core of 3D-XRD.
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