Microstructural studies using X-ray diffraction
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Installing Multifit

Mulifit is written for the IDL Virtual Machine and should run on any platform the virtual machine is available for.

You will also need a copy of Fit2d for data pre-processing. Fit2d is developed at ESRF and is available for free for academic users.

Multifit/Polydefix are now free, open source, GPL software. You can get the full source code and executables at the Multifit/Polydefix homepage.

At this point, you should have obtained several SAV files,

  • for Multifit: multifit.sav
  • for Polydefix: polydefix.sav
  • for PolydefixED: `polydefixED.sav

All are IDL virtual machine files.

Under windows or mac OS

  • if your IDL virtual machine is installed properly, you should be able to run multifit by simply double-clicking on the icons.

On a unix of linux machine

  • to run multifit, you should enter a command like
idl -vm=/path/to/multifit.sav
  • to run polydefix, you should enter a command like
idl -vm=/path/to/polydefix.sav
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