Microstructural studies using X-ray diffraction
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ID 27

Motors at the ID 27 beamline

Sample positioning

  • horizontal, perpendicular to beam: ceny
  • horizontal, parallel to beam: cenx
  • vertical: saz
  • rotation: mth

Sample positioning, on laser heating stage

  • Graphical interface with a different cenx, ceny, saz

Laser heating

  • 2 objectives: 1 (side of the synchrotron), 2 (side of the detector)
  • Focus: obj1, obj2
  • Horizontal: hobj1, hobj2
  • Vertical: vobj1, vobj2

Laser focus

  • lens1, lens2
  • should be at 0 for best focusing
  • move to positive to defocus behind the sample, and not in the diamond


  • First pinhole: clh, clv
  • Second pinhole: clh2 clv2

Beamline macros

Motor movements and scans

  • Absolute move: umv
  • Relative move: umvr
  • Absolute scan: ascan
  • Relative scan: dscan
  • tw: tweak a motor
  • tw2: tweak 2 motors

Align cell

  • cellalign: scan in horizontal and vertical direction and go to the center (automatic, motors will move)
  • center: align cell on rotation axis, move in X only (you can refuse)
  • centerxy: align cell on rotation axis, move in X and Y (you can refuse)

Switch mode, collect data:

  • scanon: get into scanning mode
  • scanoff: get into data collection mode
  • collect: collect data

Laser heating

Look at the sample

  • look1, look2: regular look at the sample from side 1 or 2
  • look1y, look2y: look with minimum laser filter
  • look1f, look2f: look with more laser filter
  • diode 9 on, diode 9 off: switch between cameras

Look at the beam

  • look1, diode 9 on, xrayon
  • when you're done: xrayoff

Measure temperature

  • temp1, temp2, then measure
  • Filters: f0, f1, f2, .. to avoid saturating the detector
  • Select the proper system response file. S1_F0_9on for side 1, filter 0, diode 9 on, etc


  • motors are yag1 and yag2, 10W minimum for each
  • yag10 puts both lasers at 10 W
  • yag0 puts both lasers at 0
  • otherwise, use umv, tw, or tw2
  • to move yag1 to 10: umv yag1 10
  • to move both yag1 and yag2 to 10: umv yag1 10 yag2 10
  • to tweak yag1: tw yag1 0.1
  • to tweak both yag1 and yag2: tw2 yag1 yag2 0.1 0.1 Careful: the command is tw2, not tw, motors and positions are inverted compared to a umv command
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