Microstructural studies using X-ray diffraction
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Here is the way to process data with Multifit... There are two steps:

  • first step involves a reduction of the diffraction data to obtain the d-spacings, intensities, half-widths... of the peaks you're interrested in,
  • second step is the actual fitting of lattice strain equations, stresses, textures...

First, you will have to start Multifit itself and

  • calibrate fit2d,
  • slice all you diffraction images into chi files,
  • convert the chi files to multifit format,
  • fit one of the patterns, manually, with Multifit,
  • create a fit model from those manual fits,
  • propagate your model to all other diffractions images, with Multifit.

At the end of the process, you will have one fit file for each diffraction image. Each of these files will hold the peak positions, half-widths, intensities... vs orientation for the image.

The second step is done with the brother program of Multifit, stresstrain (shitty name, I know, I have to find a better one!). Here you will

  • test lattice strain fits,
  • fit lattice strains equations,
  • fit unit cells and pressures,
  • fit stresses,
  • ...

to the data you stored in your fit files.

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