Microstructural studies using X-ray diffraction
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Automatic Propagation To Other Images

Create a fit model

In order to propagate your fit from one image to the others, you will have to create a Fit Model. To do so, select the menu item Image fit > Create a fit model.

In the dialog that comes up,

  • choose your peak profile,
  • add fit of sub-patterns that you want to propagate (the .dat files you got in Manual fit of active dataset),
  • click Create model.

Save the model with a .mdl extension.

Propagate the model

Select the menu item Image fit > Fit multiple images: automatic. You'll have a dialog to

  • select the images to work on, first image should be the one you have a model for,
  • open a starting fit model or results from a previous fit (file with a .fit extension),
  • choose a level of plot
    • No plot: nothing
    • Mapplot: shows the results of the fit once per image, in 2-D,
    • 1-D minimal: shows results of fits as diffractograms for each azimuth angle and each image selected. This can take a while, be careful!
    • 1-D intermediate: more,
    • 1-D verbose, even more, you should not really use those options, unless you want to understand what is going on.
  • Save fit automatically, yes or no,
  • Stop calculation or proceed to next dataset in case of problems,
  • Fit region width factor: this parameter is used to restrict the region over which a peak is fitted. If the fitted peak becomes too large and goes over other peaks, reduce this parameter.

Save results

I you choose to save the fit results automatically, fits will be save in files called

  • D0607_014.fit
  • D0607_015.fit
  • D0607_016.fit
  • D0607_017.fit
  • D0607_018.fit
  • ...

corresponding to each image you worked on.

Otherwise, you will be asked to give a name. To avoid problems later one, use the same naming conventions.

Those files are in text format. Have a look at them if you want to dig out some of the fit results. It should be straightforward.

Page last modified on July 28, 2008, at 03:53 PM