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Fit2d2maud is a small java utility written by S. Merkel. It is used to bin 2D diffraction data in multiple slices with Fit2d, save them in chiplot format, and eventually convert them for use in Maud.

Fit2d2maud main window

Note to new users

Fit2d2maud was developped over 10 years ago. Personnaly, I do not use it anymore.

These days

Also note that, as of June 2018, some recent versions of fit2d have bugs in the definition of the end azimuth when you try to run the fit2d2maud scripts (thanks to Kirsten Schulze for pointing this out).

Old page content

If you are new to this program, have a look a the user manual, it should be helpful!

To download, click here: fit2d2maud.jar.

Recent changes

Sebastien Merkel, 03/2008

© Sébastien Merkel, Université de Lille, France

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