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Journal of Applied Physics, 135, 165902, (2024) [doi: 10.1063/5.0201702]

Shock compression experiments using the DiPOLE 100-X laser on the high energy density instrument at the European x-ray free electron laser: Quantitative structural analysis of liquid Sn

M. G. Gorman, D. McGonegle, R. F. Smith, S. Singh, T. Jenkins, R. S. McWilliams, B. Albertazzi, S. J. Ali, L. Antonelli, M. R. Armstrong, C. Baehtz, O. B. Ball, S. Banerjee, A. B. Belonoshko, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, C. A. Bolme, V. Bouffetier, R. Briggs, K. Buakor, T. Butcher, S. Di Dio Cafiso, V. Cerantola, J. Chantel, A. Di Cicco, S. Clarke, A. L. Coleman, J. Collier, G. W. Collins, A. J. Comley, F. Coppari, T. E. Cowan, G. Cristoforetti, H. Cynn, A. Descamps, F. Dorchies, M. J. Duff, A. Dwivedi, C. Edwards, J. H. Eggert, D. Errandonea, G. Fiquet, E. Galtier, A. Laso Garcia, H. Ginestet, L. Gizzi, A. Gleason, S. Goede, J. M. Gonzalez, M. Harmand, N. J. Hartley, P. G. Heighway, C. Hernandez-Gomez, A. Higginbotham, H. Höppner, R. J. Husband, T. M. Hutchinson, H. Hwang, A. E. Lazicki, D. A. Keen, J. Kim, P. Koester, Z. Konopkova, D. Kraus, A. Krygier, L. Labate, Y. Lee, H.-P. Liermann, P. Mason, M. Masruri, B. Massani, E. E. McBride, C. McGuire, J. D. McHardy, S. Merkel, G. Morard, B. Nagler, M. Nakatsutsumi, K. Nguyen-Cong, A.-M. Norton, I. I. Oleynik, C. Otzen, N. Ozaki, S. Pandolfi, D. J. Peake, A. Pelka, K. A. Pereira, J. P. Phillips, C. Prescher, T. R. Preston, L. Randolph, D. Ranjan, A. Ravasio, R. Redmer, J. Rips, D. Santamaria-Perez, D. J. Savage, M. Schoelmerich, J.-P. Schwinkendorf, J. Smith, A. Sollier, J. Spear, C. Spindloe, M. Stevenson, C. Strohm, T.-A. Suer, M. Tang, M. Toncian, T. Toncian, S. J. Tracy, A. Trapananti, T. Tschentscher, M. Tyldesley, C. E. Vennari, T. Vinci, S. C. Vogel, T. J. Volz, J. Vorberger, J. P. S. Walsh, J. S. Wark, J. T. Willman, L. Wollenweber, U. Zastrau, E. Brambrink, K. Appel & M. I. McMahon

X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) sources coupled to high-power laser systems offer an avenue to study the structural dynamics of materials at extreme pressures and temperatures. The recent commissioning of the DiPOLE 100-X laser on the high energy density (HED) instrument at the European XFEL represents the state-of-the-art in combining x-ray diffraction with laser compression, allowing for compressed materials to be probed in unprecedented detail. Here, we report quantitative structural measurements of molten Sn compressed to 85(5) GPa and  K. The capabilities of the HED instrument enable liquid density measurements with an uncertainty of at conditions which are extremely challenging to reach via static compression methods. We discuss best practices for conducting liquid diffraction dynamic compression experiments and the necessary intensity corrections which allow for accurate quantitative analysis. We also provide a polyimide ablation pressure vs input laser energy for the DiPOLE 100-X drive laser which will serve future users of the HED instrument.

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© Sébastien Merkel, Université de Lille, France

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