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Review of Scientific Instruments, 80, 104501, (2009) [doi: 10.1063/1.3236365]

Experimental method for in situ determination of material textures at simultaneous high pressure and high temperature by means of radial diffraction in the diamond anvil cell

H. P. Liermann, S. Merkel, L. Miyagi, H. R. Wenk, G. Shen, H. Cynn, W. J. Evans

We introduce the design and capabilities of a resistive heated diamond anvil cell that can be used for side diffraction at simultaneous high pressure and high temperature. The device can be used to study lattice-preferred orientations in polycrystalline samples up to temperatures of 1100 K and pressures of 36 GPa. Capabilities of the instrument are demonstrated with preliminary results on the development of textures in the bcc, fcc, and hcp polymorphs of iron during a nonhydrostatic compression experiment at simultaneous high pressure and high temperature.

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© Sébastien Merkel, Université de Lille, France

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