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News archives, until Nov 29, 2014

  1. 29 Nov 2014
    I will be at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting, in San Francisco, 15-19 december.
  2. 04 Oct 2014
    The Ecole Prédoctorale sur la Terre Interne in Les Houches will run from the 6th to the 17th of october 2014. I will be there from 13 to the 15.
  3. 09 Aug 2014
    new publication from the PhD thesis of A. Lincot, published in the Comptes Rendus Geoscience : Seismic response of a model hcp iron inner core.
  4. 27 Jun 2014
    I'm in Bristol for the ppv@10, a meeting for the 10th anniversary of the discovery of post-perovskite. Next week, June 29th to July 2nd, I will be in Annecy for the International Congress on 3D Materials Science.
  5. 02 Jun 2014
    I have been nominated as a junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France, for 5 years, starting October 1st 2014. Great news!
  6. 02 Jun 2014
    new publication from C. Nisr PhD thesis and published in High Pressure Research : Three-dimensional X-ray diffraction in the diamond anvil cell: application to stishovite.
  7. 27 Mar 2014
    two new publications in Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors today, one lead by P. Raterron, Multiscale modeling of upper mantle plasticity: From single-crystal rheology to multiphase aggregate deformation, and another lead by my former PhD student, C. Bollinger, Polycrystalline olivine rheology in dislocation creep: Revisiting experimental data to 8.1GPa.
  8. 17 Feb 2014
    I will be at the workshop on Elastic Properties of Iron in Extreme Conditions in Takarazuka, Japan, Feb. 24th to 27th.
  9. 10 Jan 2014
    best wishes for 2014, with a full-on start since I am just back from the International Symposium on Plasticity and Its Current Applications, January 3-8, in Freeport, Bahamas.
  10. 01 Dec 2013
    I will be at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. As usual, it will be busy week...
  11. 30 Sep 2013
    I will be at the workshop on inner core anisotropy in Grenoble, Oct 2-3, 2013. This will be followed by the PhD defense of my third graduate student, Ainhoa Lincot, on Direct model of seismic anisotropy in the Earth’s inner core and textural study of the α-ε phase transition in iron.
  12. 02 Sep 2013
    I will be at the EHPRG 51 meeting at the Queen Mary, University of London, Sep 1-6, 2013.
  13. 28 Aug 2013
    New publication in Earth and Planetary Science Letters along with A. D. Rosa, C. Sanchez-valle, C. Nisr, S. R. Evans, and R. Debord: Shear wave anisotropy in textured phase D and constraints on deep water recycling in subduction zones.
  14. 12 Aug 2013
    New publication in the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, along with A. Rothkirch, G. D. Gatta, M. Meyer, M. Merlini, and H. P. Liermann: Single-crystal diffraction at the Extreme Conditions beamline P02.2: procedure for collecting and analyzing high-pressure single-crystal data.
  15. 08 Jul 2013
    Another publication in Acta Materiala: In situ radial X-ray diffraction study of texture and stress during phase transformations in bcc-, fcc- and hcp-iron up to 36 GPa and 1000 K.
  16. 03 Jul 2013
    Yesterday, my second PhD student, Caroline Bollinger, defended her PhD thesis entitled Rheology of polycrystalline olivine under upper mantle conditions: an in-situ study in the D-DIA. Congratulations!
  17. 30 Jun 2013
    another publication this week, a News and Views for Nature Geoscience: Core processes: Earth's inner weakness.
  18. 25 Apr 2013
    new publication today, in Review of Scientific Instruments, with Paul Raterron and Caleb W. Holyoke, III: Axial temperature gradient and stress measurements in the deformation-DIA cell using alumina pistons.
  19. 17 Apr 2013
    I will be at the Plasticité 2013 meeting, 17 April 17-19 in Paris.
  20. 01 Mar 2013
    I will be at the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting, March 3-7 in San Antonio, Texas.
  21. 23 Nov 2012
    I will be at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 3-7 december in San Francisco.
  22. 12 Nov 2012
    I will be chairing a session at the Collège de France on Tuesday November 13 at the seminar entitled Structure and Dynamics of the Earth’s Deep Mantle organized by Barbara Romanowicz chair of Physics of the Earth Interior.
  23. 03 Oct 2012
    I will be at the 8th french meeting on high pressure technology, October 22-26 2012, near Clermont-Ferrand.
  24. 29 Aug 2012
    I will be at the First European Mineralogical Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, between 2-6 September 2012. On Wednesday September 5, I will give a plenary lecture entitled High pressure plastic behaviour of deep Earth minerals for receiving the 2011 EMU Research Excellence Medal.
  25. 16 May 2012
    I'll be at the 2012 Gordon Conference on Research at High Pressure at the University of New England, Biddeford, Maine, June 24-29, 2012.
  26. 05 Apr 2012
    I'll be at the Plasticité 2012 congress in Metz 11-13 April 2012.
  27. 16 Mar 2012
    yet another new publication in the Journal of Applied Crystallography today, from C. Bollinger, my PhD student: In situ quantitative analysis of stress and texture development in forsterite aggregates deformed at 6 GPa and 1373 K
  28. 09 Mar 2012
    new publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research today, from C. Nisr, my former PhD student: High resolution three-dimensional X-ray diffraction study of dislocations in grains of MgGeO3 post-perovskite at 90 GPa
  29. 24 Feb 2012
    new publication, in Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, along with M. Gruson, Y. Wang, N. Nishiyama, and C. N. Tomé: Texture and elastic strains in hcp-iron plastically deformed up to 17.5 GPa and 600 K: experiment and model.
  30. 15 Feb 2012
    I'll be at the EMPG 2012 in Kiel, Germany, March 4-7 2012.
  31. 15 Jan 2012
    a new publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research along with N. Hilairet, Y. Wang, T. Sanehira, and S. Mei : An in situ high-pressure, high-temperature study using monochromatic synchrotron radiation.
  32. 04 Jan 2012
    a new publication in Acta Materiala to start the new year, along with W. Kanitpanyacharoen, L. Miyagi, P. Kaercher, C. N. Tomé, Y. Wang, and H. R. Wenk: Significance of mechanical twinning in hexagonal metals at high pressure.
  33. 01 Dec 2011
    today, Carole Nisr, my first graduate student, will defend her thesis entitled "Caractérisation des dislocations in-situ dans les minéraux sous haute pression".
  34. 26 Nov 2011
    I'll be at the AGU Fall Meeting, Dec. 5-9 2011 in San Francisco. I'll be giving two talks, co-author a couple of posters, and will chair the MR23C and MR43A session, Earth Materials Under Compression: Advances in Experimental and Numerical Methods, Tuesday afternoon in room 3022 and Thursday afternoon in halls A-C.
  35. 29 Oct 2011
    Since June 2011, I have made Multifit and Polydefix open source, under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. Basic user manual remains here, on my webpage. The source code for Multifit and Polydefix has been moved to the Multifit-polydefix homepage at google code.
  36. 27 Oct 2011
    New publication about seismic anisotropy in the Earth inner core, in Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors with R. Deguen and P. Cardin from Grenoble and R. Lebensohn from Los Alamos: Texturing in Earth’s inner core due to preferential growth in its equatorial belt, [doi: 10.1016/j.pepi.2011.08.008].
  37. 29 Aug 2011
    I'll be at the 6th International Conference on Mechanical Stress Evaluation by Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation (MECA SENS VI) in Hamburg, Germany, from September 7 to 9, 2011.
  38. 31 May 2011
    went to the TMS 2011 meeting in February in San Diego, participated to Plasticité 2011 in Lille in April, and will join APS Shock Compression of Condensed Matter in Chicago in June...
  39. 24 Oct 2010
    New publication, in Geophysical Research Letters with Japanese colleagues K. Hirose, Y. Nagaya, and Y. Ohishi: Deformation of MnGeO3 post-perovskite at lower mantle pressure and temperature, [doi: 10.1029/2010GL044977].
  40. 22 Oct 2010
    New publication today, in the book High-Pressure Crystallography: From Fundamental Phenomena to Technological Applications of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Radial diffraction in the diamond anvil cell: methods and applications, [doi: 10.1007/978-90-481-9258-8_10].
  41. 29 Sep 2010
    New publication in the Comptes Rendus Physique today, along with O. Castelnau, P. Cordier, R. A. Lebensohn, and P. Raterron: Microstructures and rheology of the Earth’s upper mantle inferred from a multiscale approach, [doi: 10.1016/j.crhy.2010.07.011].
  42. 20 Jun 2010
    It's official, I will be switching to a full professor position at the Université Lille 1 in the fall of 2010. I will stay in the same laboratory and will be more involved at the University.
  43. 27 Jan 2010
    in recent weeks, I have been improving and fixing bugs in my package for stress and strain analysis using x-ray diffraction. It was renamed to Mutifit/Polydefix and is now freely available online. I also wrote a manual for Polydefix which complements the manual for Multifit. Now that several people are using it, I'll keep better track of changes and improvements I make...
  44. 27 Oct 2009
    New publication in the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation today, along withP. Raterron: In situ rheological measurements at extreme pressure and temperature using synchrotron X-ray diffraction and radiography.
  45. 14 Oct 2009
    New publication in Review of Scientific Instruments today, along with H. P. Liermann, L. Miyagi, H. R. Wenk, G. Shen, H. Cynn, and W. J. Evans: Experimental method for in situ determination of material textures at simultaneous high pressure and high temperature by means of radial diffraction in the diamond anvil cell.
  46. 07 May 2009
    New page on this site, the first in a while: VPN connections to université Lille 1 with Linux
  47. 07 May 2009
    New publication in Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, with Lowell Miyagi: Diamond anvil cell deformation of CaSiO3 perovskite up to 49 GPa
  48. 26 Feb 2009
    Winter holidays, and a new publication in Physical Review B, with Carlos Tomé and Rudy Wenk: Modeling analysis of the influence of plasticity on high pressure deformation of hcp-Co.
  49. 28 Jan 2009
    I'm just returning from the 3rd Japanese-French Frontiers of Science Symposium at Shonnan Village Center in Kanagawa, Japan: interresting meeting with a very diverse audience...
  50. 25 Nov 2008
    I'll be at the 2008 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco from the 15th to the 19th of December.
  51. 20 Sep 2008
    I'll be at the forum 2008 of the French high pressure network from the 6th to the 10th of October in Batz sur Mer (Bretagne). I will also go to the school on structure and dynamics of the deep Mantle in Les Houches (near Chamonix) from the 12th to the 17th of October.
  52. 11 Jul 2008
    I'll be at the Rheology Grand Challenge Workshop on Plastic Deformation of Minerals and the Dynamics of Earth's Deep Interior at MIT in Boston, 1-3 August 2008.
  53. 19 May 2008
    I'll be at ICOTOM (International Conference on the Textures of Materials) in Pittsburgh from June 1st to June 6th, 2008.
  54. 07 Jan 2008
    Happy new year! As a Christmas gift, a new publication, in Science, with N. Hilairet as first author: High-pressure creep of serpentine, interseismic deformation, and initiation of subduction.
  55. 08 Dec 2007
    I'll be at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting next week in San Francisco. See you there!
  56. 13 Nov 2007
    I am on a new publication in Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, with K. Niwa as first author: Lattice preferred orientation in CaIrO3 perovskite and post-perovskite formed by plastic deformation under pressure.
  57. 25 Aug 2007
    Myself, Y. Wang, and S. Karato will chair a session at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. I'll be the session MR02: Plasticity of Minerals at High Pressures and Temperatures and Implications for Deep Earth Rheology and Anisotropy. Please send us your abstracts!
  58. 10 Jul 2007
    The INSU, the National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy in France, has a press release for my latest paper in Science
  59. 24 Jun 2007
    I have a new publication in Science: Deformation of (Mg,Fe)Si03 post-Perovskite and D’’ Anisotropy, with Allen K. Mcnamara, Atsushi Kubo, Sergio Speziale, Lowell Miyagi, Yue Meng, Thomas S. Duffy, Hans-Rudolf Wenk. You can find the original paper, the press release from the University of Lille, the press release from the Arizona State University, a the one from the APS synchrotron...
  60. 04 Jan 2007
    Happy New Year! And while I'm at it, here is a last publication for 2006, with D. Antonangeli in Geophysical Research Letters: Elastic anisotropy in hcp metals at high pressure and the sound wave anisotropy of the Earth's inner core.
  61. 26 Oct 2006
    New pages: radial x-ray diffraction tutorials and how to process radial diffraction data with MAUD. Those pages have been written a while ago but I decided to open them to public use...
  62. 07 Sep 2006
    New publication in the Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids: Effect of lattice preferred orientation on lattice strains in polycrystalline materials deformed under high pressure: Application to hcp-Co
  63. 21 Jul 2006
    New publication in the Journal of Applied Physics: Lattice preferred orientation and stress in polycrystalline hcp-Co plastically deformed under high pressure.
  64. 14 Jun 2006
    I'll be at the 2006 Gordon Research Conference on Research At High Pressure, June 25-30, at the University of New England.
  65. 09 Jun 2006
    three publications in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter today, one on my own, one with L. Miyagi, and one with H.R. Wenk...
  66. 24 Apr 2006
    I'll be completing my move to a fulltime position at the University of Lille, France at the end of the month.
  67. 03 Feb 2006
    new publication, in Science: Plastic Deformation of MgGeO3 Post-Perovskite at Lower Mantle Pressures.
  68. 31 Jan 2006
    new publication in American Mineralogist, with T. Ferroir: Equation of state and phase transition in KAlSi3O8 hollandite at high pressure
  69. 06 Jan 2006
    Happy new year!
  70. 02 Dec 2005
    I'll be at AGU in San Francisco.
  71. 24 Oct 2005
    new publication in Phys. Rev. B. with D. Antonangeli: Aggregate and single crystalline elasticity of hcp cobalt at high pressure.
  72. 20 Oct 2005
    I was at the MECA SENS meeting, and I'm on my way to the COMPRESS workshop on rheology and elasticity at high pressure. Busy week!
  73. 02 Aug 2005
    It's official: I will be moving to a CNRS position in Lille in the next few months!
  74. 08 Jun 2005
    I'll be at the Textures and Microstructures in the Earth Sciences summer school in Freiberg, Germany.
  75. 03 Jun 2005
    New page: simulation of high pressure diffraction pattern, in java!
  76. 16 May 2005
    New publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research: X-ray diffraction study of the single crystal elastic moduli of e-Fe up to 30 GPa
  77. 05 Apr 2005
    New publication in Review of Scientific Instruments: X-ray transparent gasket for diamond anvil cell high pressure experiments
  78. 04 Jan 2005
    Happy New Year!
  79. 20 Dec 2004
    New publication in Geophysysical Research Letters: A new high-pressure form of KAlSi3O8 under lower mantle conditions
  80. 13 Nov 2004
    I'll be at the AGU Fall Meeting 2004 in San Francisco.
  81. 15 Oct 2004
    I'll be at UC Berkeley starting in November 2004
  82. 22 Jun 2004
    New publication in Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors: Deformation of polycrystalline iron up to 30 GPa and 1000 K
  83. 07 May 2004
    I'll be at the Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting in Chiba.
  84. 26 Apr 2004
    New publication, in Nature, "the mantle deformed"
  85. 05 Jan 2004
    My sea level applets are part of the exhibit Climax at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris!
  86. 01 Jan 2004
    Happy new year!
  87. 28 Nov 2003
    I have a new design... Hope you'll like it...
  88. 04 Nov 2003
    I'll be at AGU in San Francisco...
  89. 12 Aug 2003
    New page: after the tips for latex, the tips for Linux
  90. 30 Jul 2003
    I have a japanese homepage! Just click on the flag...
  91. 16 Jul 2003
    improved the sea level applets: english version and topography files for the US, South-East Asia and Japan
  92. 09 Jun 2003
    I'll be in IUGG in Sapporo
  93. 07 May 2003
    new publication available in section Biblio: deformation of perovskite aggregates up to 32 GPa
  94. 19 Jan 2003
    new page, LaTeX tricks
  95. 16 Dec 2002
    Change the sea level on a map, java applet and application, in french
  96. 28 Nov 2002
    I'll be at AGU in San Francisco
  97. 24 Nov 2002
    arrival in Japan

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