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Polycrystal plasticity

Here are the documents I use as projections when teaching on polycrystal plasticty at the Université de Lille, in France.

This class is tought at master's level in physics. It is part of a broader class on materials plasticity with other sections on dislocations, defects, and numerical modeling of defects (taught by P. Cordier and Ph. Carrez). My contribution aims at introducing the implication of plasticity on the materials macroscopic properties, with a focus on texture analysis, elasticity at the polycrystal scale, and an introduction to modeling.

Up until 2019, the class is given in French. There will be switch to English (with new teaching documents) in 2020. The slides below are in French. The updated and English version should be available next year.

Sebastien Merkel, 11/2019

© Sébastien Merkel, Université de Lille, France

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