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Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 30, , (2023) [doi: 10.1107/S1600577523005374]

Deformation of two-phase aggregates with in situ X-ray tomography in rotating Paris–Edinburgh cell at GPa pressures and high temperature

T. Mandolini, J. Chantel, S. Merkel, Y. Le Godec, N. Guignot, A. King, J. Hosdez, L. Henry, and N. Hilairet

High-pressure (>1 GPa) torsion apparatus can be coupled with in situ X-ray tomography (XRT) to study microstructures in materials associated with large shear strains. Here, deformation experiments were carried out on multi-phase aggregates at ∼3–5 GPa and ∼300–500°C, using a rotational tomography Paris–Edinburgh press (RoToPEc) with in situ absorption contrast XRT on the PSICHE beamline at Synchrotron SOLEIL. The actual shear strain reached in the samples was quantified with respect to the anvil twisting angles, which is γ ≤ 1 at 90° anvil twist and reaches γ ≃ 5 at 225° anvil twist. 2D and 3D quantifications based on XRT that can be used to study in situ the deformation microfabrics of two-phase aggregates at high shear strain are explored. The current limitations for investigation in real time of deformation microstructures using coupled synchrotron XRT with the RoToPEc are outlined.

Full text of this article is available online.


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